90 miles done 


Well, our first section is over with. We cleverly decided to pick the driest most remote section of the Pct to start. However, we prevailed and are eager to keep on trecking.

I’m hoping to get a little better at keeping track of my stuff. During our first 5 miles we ran into a massive wind storm where My hat proceeding to blow down the mountain. ​

A fellow hiker beef burger was kind enough to bring it back to me. Then the next day I lost my buff during a morning dessert hike, but again a hiker, re-route, also brought it back to me later in the day.

All in all we are feeling good. Liz got a fancy knee brace and I have hopefully solved my blister problem. We can’t wait for the sierras and we are hoping this 40 degree weather will melt lots of the snow 🤞🏼.

2 thoughts on “90 miles done 

  1. Glad to hear your doing good out there thanks for the updates, we are in the Tuscany region watching the sun set enjoying a bottle of wine. Take care jay and Lorraine


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