Flipping and Flopping

Hello from Reno, NV! I’ll let you know why we’re in Reno in a bit…

Since our last check in we’ve hiked another 90 miles so now we’re just shy of 200 miles on the trail. The last week has been a heat wave in California that makes hiking in the day challenging especially when water sources are scarce! We got into the habit of getting on the trail by 6 am or earlier and getting miles in after sunset to avoid the heat and conserve water.

After 5 HOT hiking days we made it to Kennedy Meadows, the start of the Sierras and a small hiker friendly town with showers, burgers, beers, free camping and an outfitter. We caught up with other hikers we met on the trail for a night then were off again to start the Sierras with a plan to have a zero day in Lone Pine 45 miles away and assess the snow and river crossings in the high Sierras.

The scenery changed quickly and we were already blown away by the dramatic landscapes in the south Sierras.

By the time we got to Lone Pine, the heat wave had resulted in high, fast and cold river crossings. It was a tough decision, but in the end we decided to skip up north ahead of the high Sierras instead of risking slow snow hiking and dangerous river crossings.

So we embarked on our next challenge: travelling up north. By luck and trail magic would have it, we ran into a past hiker, Porsche, and Wes (also from Vancouver) in the grocery store that road tripping up towards Reno. They were kind enough to rearrange their car and squeeze us in, so now a few quick impromptu hot spring dips and a camping night on the way, we find ourselves in Reno.
So.. hello from Reno! We’re waiting to catch a bus that will take us close to Chester in Northern California. After two days off trail, we’re excited to get back to it!

3 thoughts on “Flipping and Flopping

  1. Sounds like a fabulous adventure already. Keep the posts coming Linda and I are really enjoying them. Good luck and happy trails!!!


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