Volcano Hopping in NorCal

350 miles done!

So far NorCal has been a series of seeing a giant valcano on the horizon and proceeding to walk towards it. I like to pretend I’m Frodo and the mountain is Mount Doom (I may be losing my mind). After some research I learned that Sam and Frodo travelled 1350 miles so the comparison isn’t too far off.

We first hiked through the Lassen Valcanic park which was super cool. Sulfer lakes and geysers were all over the place.

We also got to hang out at Drakesbad which is a thermal heated pool and horse ranch that was built in the early 1900’s. It’s a pretty swanky place so they try and keep the regular guests from seeing us too much. The price you pay when you’re smelly. 

Shortly after that we spotted the amazing mount Shasta on the horizon and the trail took off towards it. It was incredible how much the terrain changed on the way. There was a big desert 🌵 stretch where we had a run in with our first rattle snake! Every little stick on the trail thereafter was turned into a snake in my eyes, I don’t know how I’m going to finish this thing.

Hiking through a post forest fire
A lava formed cave

We were going to celebrate Canada day in a small town of Burney. But it turned out that small town had highjacked our national day and it was actually Burney Days. We still got a few beers down at the ol veterans club and played around in the amazing Burney waterfall.

We did end up swimming in there

After a week or so of hiking through some amazing pine forests we have made it too mount Shasta and we are in the town of (you guessed it) Shasta.

So far super impressed with this place, it’s filled with hippies and mountaineers, and our hitch in to town was by a former NASA rocket engineer who was vocally against Trump the whole trip in. Right now we our resupplying food and I’m buying a new hat because a stupid deer ate my old one :(. I loved that hat that coach gave me.

Can’t wait to get back on the trail and head towards our next valcano, Mount Mcloughlin.

We are going that way

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