The slow march towards Oregon

We’ve had a beautiful week of hiking steadily away from Mt Shasta and into the land of alpine lakes and jaw dropping views.  If we’re lucky, sometimes it’s possible to stop at a lake for lunch and a swim and at another to camp for the night! The trade off we’ve been struggling with is to take extra time off at the lakes and hike more miles tomorrow or stick to our plan.

A few highlights included a ridge campsite with views of Mt Shasta, Castle Crags, and if you squint off into the distance, Mt Lassen (from where we hiked less than 2 weeks ago).

Our cozy double rainbow with Castle Crags in the background
Same campsite, other view of Mt Shasta. That blue slug in the tent is me!
The best kind of alarm clock the next morning through the tent screen


Adam had made sure to jump into all the lakes possible, no matter how cold!

Lakeside campsite

We’ve done a lot of climbing and descending in the last week. And on one particular evening, the last climb was a mental struggle to pull ourselves away from a cold, clear river – but we were sure we made the right decision when we found trail magic a mile up the trail. Let me tell you, nothing makes your feet forget the pains of the day like an enormous hard orange soda!

The best trail magic mid-climb! It was welcome extra weight to carry up to our campsite

We’ve made it to the hiker friendly town of Etna, endulged in all you can eat Mexican food, camped in the city park, refuelled at the local coffee shop and am hoping to take a quick dip in the community pool before heading back out the trail tonight. Next stop: Seiad Valley!

Fake news!

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