Trail Eats

Now that I’ve been on the trail for more than a month, Adam and I have started to get creative with our food. We’re carrying a Jetboil stove which is super efficient at boiling water and super hard to cook anything over because it instantly burns. Therefore, all of our meals are prepared by adding some quntity of boiling water and waiting for the dinner to become rehydrated, edible and delicious. The main diet of PCT hikers consists largely of instant ramen and dehydrated mashed potatoes but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little variety and jazz dinner up a bit. Some of the most successful variations we’ve found for ramen are:

  • Adding dried seaweed (dulse) and miso
  • Adding peanut butter and coconut milk powder
  • Adding yellow curry powder and coconut milk powder
  • Adding teriyaki stir fry powder, and
  • Adding alfredo sauce, parmesan cheese and bacon bits
Alfredo Pasta ready to go!

Snacks and lunch are some of the best times of day – food is really an all day affair since we rarely go longer than and hour or two without topping up our sugar and calorie intake! Chips (or more like chip dust),  gummy candy, snickers bars, pay day bars and trail mix are always on hand. One of the advantages of hiking close to 20 miles a day is that all food (read “all junk food”) is good food. We believe the denser the calories, the better.

Lunch wraps are also always on the menu with tortillas, cheese and some kind of protein made interesting by sauce packets collected from all of the fast food joints in town. Spam and Taco Bell breakfast salsa anyone? One of my personal favourite lunches is the camp charcuterie board below.

It’s lunch time!

When we’re in town, like we are now in Ashland, we try to maintain our “hiker-bods” with hearty meals and actual vegetables! We found a great little spot down the street from Ashland’s Shakespeare festival and totally blended with the locals in our thrift store town clothes finds.

Playing tourist in our spiffy town clothes

It’s back to ramen and mashed potatoes again tomorrow 🙂

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