What You Need Walking Through The State of Jefferson 

The last 10 days we have traversed between  the mountain of Shasta and into the great State of Oregon. One thing we’ve noticed is that under most American flags on people’s property (and there’s always plenty) is a smaller flag that has two X’s. We have since come to learn this is the flag for the State of Jefferson. 

So what is the “State of Jefferson”? Well geographically it’s a proposed state being formed form the tip of California and the bottom of Oregon. However, after many a conversation with some locals it seems to be more of a social movement based on how politics in the more rural communities of California don’t jive so well with the rest. One cool thing about the PCT is that you get to venture into some places not normally ventured; nature and neighbourhoods. 

And speaking of nature, it has been fantastic. The wild flowers have been in full bloom, and life seems to be all around us. 

Sometimes a little too close though, the deer have once again attacked my poles (Ive now been givin the name “Bambi” by other hikers), and I’ve been reduced to wearing a bug Net in quite a few campsites already (I hear the bugs get worse though!) 

We had lunch in this fixer upper

All in all we have moved into a pretty stable routine of hiking, wake up at 6am, start hiking, eat, drink, pee, point at things, listen to lots of podcasts, sleep, and repeat. This has now successfully taken us around 550 miles. 

So what do you need for this kind of trip? well everyone has there own answer, but this is what I’ve found has worked for me so far. 

kind of top to bottom :

  • Patagonia hat 
  • NorthFace thermoball hoodie 
  • Silk sleeping bag liner 
  • Z packs pillow stuff sack 
  • Zip lock container tith titanium spork 
  • First aid kit
  • Smart water battle with sawyer squeeze water filter 
  • z packs food bag 
  • Brooks running gloves 
  • Head net 
  • iPhone 6s with headphones/charger 
  • Petzl headlamp 
  • Lighter/toothbrush/toothpaste 
  • Tarptent double rainbow tent (love this tent!) 
  • Biolite solar panel 
  • Exped sleeping pad 
  • Outdoor research sun shirt 
  • Silk shirt 
  • 2 x bandanas 
  • Brooks running shorts 
  • Dirty girl gators
  • 2 x pair darn tough socks 
  • Altra lone peak shoes 
  • Boreas 60 L lost coast backpack 
  • Walmart fake crocs

That’s all for now! Next stop will be the famous crater lake! Supposed to be snowy, yay…. 

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