Hello everyone!
Last time we posted was in Ashland, Oregon which was around 300 miles back on trail, so lots has happened since then.

So what’s Oregon been like so far? Well to sum it up so far it’s been lots of mosquitos, forest fires, and beautiful lakes. One of those beautiful lakes was our first resupply at the famous Crater Lake.

the top of watchmen tower

This is a lake formed in a crater of a collapsed mount mazama. It’s the deepest lake in all of the US.


The night before we camped in a huge lightning storm which has now led to a large forest fire shutting down most of the trail around the lake so we were lucky to get here when we did.

After Crater Lake the we hiked to Shelter Cove Resort where we experienced the worst Mosquitos I’ve ever seen, and when we got into Shelter Cove to resupply I almost bought the full mesh big suit they had on sale there, I was a little envious later when I saw another hiker rock it.

After we got through the fog of mosquitos we were hiking in the stunning three sisters wilderness where the trail winds around, you guessed it, three mountains.

The terrain varied a lot, one minute we were hiking on a field of obsidian, the next on hot lava rocks, and then through a field of wild flowers and butterflies. We would also always make sure to jump in pretty much any lake we came across.


And finally now we are in a town called Sisters trying to figure out how to get around this massive forest fire that has closed the trail just ahead of us. It’s going to be a long day of hitch hiking and maybe some road walking, and unfortunately it looks like we will have to miss around 50 miles or so of trail. Next stop will be the Washington border! And our 1000 mile marker which will be pretty awesome.
Happy trails!

The best hitches are in the back of trucks

3 thoughts on “Oregeddon

  1. Love your commentary and videos of your hike. My husband did Ashland to Fish Lake last year. This year he will do Fish Lake to Diamond Lake. Later summer is usually better for missing mosquitoes. Good luck and safety on the rest of your hike!


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