Feeling the Love

It’s only been 100 miles since our last post but it has been chock full of trail magic and wonderful surprises!

We left Sisters with the intention to hitchhike around the Mt Jefferson fire closure. After only a short time we were picked up by a very friendly couple on their way home from vacation that dropped us off in Detroit, Oregon. Then it was another short wait before we got picked up to go down a forestry road to the trail re-entry point. The forestry road quickly changed from paved and well graded to a “we’ll walk whenever you think this road is too rough for your truck” type forestry road. However, our ride was so generous and after and hour of bumping and crawling along we made it back to the trail. But that was not the end of the kindness of strangers for the day – after a 7 mile hike into Olallie Lake we were greeted by trail magic in the form of barbecued sausages, watermelon and beer! What a lucky day!

We thought we were back to the business of hiking after that, but again we were surprised by another trail magic meal 30 miles down the trail. The trail angel and her three horses (four if you included the one that barks) were set up near a lake with  a sandwich station, snacks and drinks. It was a welcome stop! 

Before long we had made it up the sandy climb to Timberline Lodge, a historic lodge built in the 1930s and featured in the opening scenes of the Shining. Timberline Lodge is a favourite destination on the trail because of the all out all you can eat breakfast and lunch buffets which did not disappoint! Afterwards, Adam asked me to walk up towards the snow on Mt Hood that is still open daily for skiing. There, amongst wild flowers Adam proposed and I could not be more excited! Not only that, he had booked a room at the lodge so we were done hiking for the day! Nothing left to do but celebrate and we were helped along with cheers from other hikers at the lodge.

As if this day wasn’t special enough, I also got a care package from one of my oldest friends with a special request for her wedding day coming up next year and more sugar for the trail! The countdown is on with so much to look forward to!

Still giddy with my amazing day at Timberline Lodge, it was time to get back on the trail. Cascade Locks and Washington were waiting. A few more days hiking included the Sandy River crossing, Romona Falls and another alternate around a fire.

It seems our magic is contining. I’m writing this from Shrek’s Swamp, a trail angel’s house in Cascade Locks. Shrek is very generous to all us dirty hikers with showers, laundry, and a free place to camp and hang out.

Adam and the loaner hiker growler from the Ale House
One of Shrek’ accommodation options if you’d like a break from your tent

A final surprise for the day was an unexpected package from my old coworkers with some much appreciated fresh socks. Suffice it to say Adam and I are really feeling the love out here and are ready to tackle the bigger climbs in Washington. 

Until the next stop, happy trails!

Checking out the Bridge of the Gods

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