R&R in Trout Lake, Washington

Well hello there. This is a little bit of a different update on the trip as mostly all we’ve done for the last 9 days is wait for me to heal in Trout Lake.

Liz walking over the bridge of the gods

Firstly I’ll talk about what we walked through to get to Trout Lake. One of the more infamous spots on the PCT is The Bridge of the Gods, which connects Oregon to Washington. Infamous because of the the movie “wild”. However it’s more amazing because of what it’s named after: an ancient massive natural land bridge that the natives in the area used to use for migrating.

Then in true Washington fashion it rained on us for the next two days.

Picking wild huckleberries

It was actually nice to have a little cooler weather, plus it really cleared up the smoke and it’s always nice to be able to see the views. Another nice surprise have been the wild huckleberries in Washington. They are absolutely amazing, we practically lived off of them for two days.

After some great hiking in Washington, we ended up in the small town of Trout Lake for a quick resupply and a burger and thinking we were going to be right back on trail. So we thought. I decided to get a sore tailbone checked out by the local doctor, and it turns out it was a Pilonidal cyst, and was slowly getting bigger. Don’t worry I don’t have any pictures!


Doctor was great and the town was great so we decided to get it fixed right in Trout Lake. The  Procedure only took an hour but I’d have to come back for repacking of the wound for a week.

Me and rocksteady(he had an infected foot) with all our goodies the doctor gave us

It’s amazing how much time there is in a day when your not hiking 25 miles. We loved getting to do nothing for awhile. Lots of reading, chatting with other hikers and playing with the local pets.

We did end up exploring some ice caves and a Buddhist temple.

We also ended up watching the eclipse in Trout Lake, however, we only got 99% coverage so no totality, still was sill pretty spectacular. All in all, Trout Lake was a nice stop, aside from the pain of getting a wound stuffed with gauze.

We are getting back on trail tomorrow in Snoqualmie to make up time. We are very eager to start hiking again and hopefully our feet haven’t softened up too much.

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