Winter is Coming

Hello all,

It’s been awhile since the last update, but the isolation of northern Washington and carpooling doesn’t leave much time for blog posting.

Little frog deep in contemplation

Last we left off we were all healed and ready for our march up north.

Liz hustling for a ride to Snoqualmie

Liz made a hitching sign and before we knew it we were dropped off in Snoqualmie and with our rusty legs we hobbled forth. The cold and antibiotics I was taking really slowed us down at the beginning. Where we were doing 25 mile avg. days before, now we were struggling to make 15 miles.

Heavy mist day (not actually smoke) near Rainy Pass

Also while we were relaxing in Trout Lake, Washington was lighting on fire.

Most likely a breath-taking view

One of the most beautiful sections of the PCT sadly often had us saying “I bet this would be an amazing view without the smoke”.

However, not all days were like this and over the next couple weeks we would be treated to some clear days between fires that were still spectacular.

Somewhere between Stevens Pass and Stehekin

So up the mountains we marched and through the rivers we dredged.

Don’t break your bridges behind you
Great rock hoping technique by Liz

One thing that was keeping our spirits high was that my mom and Jay were coming to camp with us near the border and bringing with them some trail magic to cure home sickness! We couldn’t wait.

Trail magic by my mom!

They brought lots of beer and fajitas and all in all we had about 10 other hikers help us take care of it all. We were even graced with the presence of the infamous Optimistic Turtle!

Me and Liz being tourists with my mom and Kaiser

Then it was back to Chilliwack for 2 quick days for repairs, rejuvenation, and getting warmer gear for the sierras. It was so nice to see family and some friends but we knew the longer we stayed the harder it would be to get back on trial.

So off we went down to Seattle where some hiking chums, Express and Cactus, were to pick us up and together we would road trip back to the snow free Sierra Mountains.

Three days of camping, eating American highway food, beautiful landscapes and here we are, Lone Pine! The same place we skipped from back on June 20th.

Tomorrow we should be climbing the tallest mountain in continental US, Mt Whitney. With our new shoes and 5 days rest we feel ready for it.

The classic John Muir quote is necessary here: ” The mountains are calling and I must go”

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