Sayonara Sonora

Onward we went through the Sierras from Mammoth Lakes, passing The crowded, overly photographed (don’t worry I got a photo) Devils Postpile.

Something to do with basalt

Then through the even more crowded Tuolumne Meadows (maybe it was because it was a Saturday). This is the meadows is where our ol friend John Muir would say things like “between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.”

Tuolumne falls
Liz beside an old cabin

Every cold morning, however, waking up with frozen water bottles and ice-crusted tent,  we would say “one more snow storm and we will call it quits.”

…and so the day we were suppose to head into town and without any warning at all a snow storm we got. It was at 11,000 feet and on top of the already icy Sonora Pass.

It went from this…..

To this ….

All within an hour!

After avoiding dangerous potential glissading spots and losing the trail completely we finally made it to the road.

Luckily, we made it there 30 minutes before they shut the gate and locked all the cars out due to weather. We caught one of the last rides out and said it didn’t matter where we were going as long as it was far away from here.

After humming and hawing for a little while and with heavy hearts we decided to end our trip. At 1700 miles hiked we were 1000 miles short of the whole trail. We are still quite proud of our accomplishment and to celebrate 🎉 we decided to live it up for two days in SAN FRANSISCO!

Free airshow!! (Snowbirds)

I found the best game at the antique arcade museum

So this adventure will come to an end. We are currently in Ontario visiting family and transitioning to real life.

Our goal will be to eventually finish the whole PCT but for now we are now proud FFLASHERS (flip-flopping-long-ass-section-hikers).

With that we will leave you with a short video to sum up our 1700 mile hike.

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