Sayonara Sonora

Onward we went through the Sierras from Mammoth Lakes, passing The crowded, overly photographed (don’t worry I got a photo) Devils Postpile. Then through the even more crowded Tuolumne Meadows (maybe it was because it was a Saturday). This is the meadows is where our ol friend John Muir would say things like “between every … Continue reading Sayonara Sonora

Winter is Coming

Hello all, It's been awhile since the last update, but the isolation of northern Washington and carpooling doesn't leave much time for blog posting. Last we left off we were all healed and ready for our march up north. Liz made a hitching sign and before we knew it we were dropped off in Snoqualmie … Continue reading Winter is Coming

What You Need Walking Through The State of Jefferson 

The last 10 days we have traversed between  the mountain of Shasta and into the great State of Oregon. One thing we've noticed is that under most American flags on people's property (and there's always plenty) is a smaller flag that has two X's. We have since come to learn this is the flag for … Continue reading What You Need Walking Through The State of Jefferson