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Trail Eats

Now that I've been on the trail for more than a month, Adam and I have started to get creative with our food. We're carrying a Jetboil stove which is super efficient at boiling water and super hard to cook anything over because it instantly burns. Therefore, all of our meals are prepared by adding … Continue reading Trail Eats

The slow march towards Oregon

We've had a beautiful week of hiking steadily away from Mt Shasta and into the land of alpine lakes and jaw dropping views.  If we're lucky, sometimes it's possible to stop at a lake for lunch and a swim and at another to camp for the night! The trade off we've been struggling with is … Continue reading The slow march towards Oregon

You want to do what?!

The first responses we got were stunned “you want to do what?”,  “hike from Mexico?”, “…all the way the Canada?”  And, I’ll admit, it even sounds a little crazy to me (still!). But we didn’t decide to hike 2,650 miles on the PCT in 2017 all willy nilly – it started small.  So small that our […]